Name your COMMISSION price.
What do we offer:
Live Auction.
Online Auctions- we use up to 4 online auction platforms.
Pre Auction Estimate- Know what your collections worth.
Seller Protection- Reserves are welcome.
Controlled Auction Environment- knowledge of items value and expected  sale price.
Items Research- We don't guess about an item, we know what it is, its value, and who our buyers are before auction day.
Cataloging- photos, catalog booklet, & inventory list.
Museum quality cleaning- dirt and dust free items
Packing & Hauling services.
Target Marketing- direct items to interested buyers.
Social Media marketing- cost effective & direct

Auction listing websites- platinumauctions.CO,, &
Custom Flyers/postcard
Email List of 5,000 Toy buyers
Live event marketing- setup display at show specific to your items.
Custom Mailing List- based on items sold.
All major credit cards accepted- Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Bid assistant to catch bids for auctioneer-
We don’t allow missed bids.

Your Auction will have 5 hotels within walking distance.

Provide drinks and snack free of charge to buyer day of auction.